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Film training - Tips for making your movie within your means Business Articles | June 10 Matt Ryan Color Rush Jersey , 2010
It's easy to get grandiose ideas when you first start out in filmmaking. These film training tips will help you get grounded and work within your budget.

Many times people don't really get what is meant by this. I'm not referring to writing like a professor and using fancy dialogue. The writing within your means that I am talking about has to do with your budget. This film training article is to help you keep your script within the budget that you have available. It's very easy to get carried away by your vision of what you want you movie to be like. Beginning filmmakers find it easy to visualize the big picture, but the trouble comes when its time to convert it down to the details. Let's talk about your script. Here's an example of a simple line in a script: "The Firemen arrived at the scene." Ok, that doesn't really sound that complicated. But, stop and think about it for a minute. What does this mean to you? First off, it means there needs to be a fire truck. Does your budget allow for you to get one? If the answer is no, then what are the firemen supposed to arrive in? Maybe a delivery truck? Oh Devonta Freeman Color Rush Jersey , wait, that's expensive too. Then there are the firemen. Does your budget extend to hiring a lot of firemen? How about their uniforms? Also, how big is the fire? I'm not going to go into how much it might cost to create the fire. Then you have to think about the equiment that's needed to fight the fire. This whole scene is enough to create major havoc with your budget. Now, imagine if your script read like this instead: "The army arrived at the scene." Just picture it - tanks, armored cars and jeeps, soldiers and their weapons Julio Jones Color Rush Jersey , uniforms, etc. You get the idea, I'm sure. It only takes one line in the script to blow your whole budget. It will take some planning from you not to veer off into an Avatar adventure or other special effects productions. You don't want to end up with a movie you can't possible make. I mean, that's fine if you have an unlimited budget, but let's face it, that's not usually the case when starting out. The effects don't have to be elaborate to tell a good story. Movie making is an adventure as well as a learning experience. Some people shell out the dough and go to film school Qadree Ollison Color Rush Jersey , which let's face it, is quite expensive. Other people prefer to learn as they go.

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Liver care | Natural Remedies To Prevent And Treat Cirrhosis Health Articles | August 26, 2013
According to the National Center for Health Statistics, cirrhosis and chronic liver disease is the 11th leading cause of death. As per their latest data published in 2006 - there were over 26,500 deaths in the US alone for 2004.

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, cirrhosis and chronic liver disease is the 11th leading cause of death. As per their latest data published in 2006 - there were over 26 John Cominsky Color Rush Jersey ,500 deaths in the US alone for 2004.

The liver is a vital organ that filters pollutants from the blood, maintains glucose levels, assists in blood clotting, stores vitamins, processes fats and produces urea among hundreds of other functions. Cirrhosis occurs when the liver's tissues get scarred due to alcohol abuse, hepatitis B Kendall Sheffield Color Rush Jersey , hepatitis C, drugs and chemicals, blocked bile ducts, genetic disorders such as haemochromatosis, Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency, Wilson disease Kaleb McGary Color Rush Jersey , galactosemia, and glycogen storage diseases.

Steps to treat and prevent cirrhosis:

1. Abstain from alcohol: Alcohol abuse is the single most important reason for liver damage. Up to 100 percent of heavy drinkers show evidence of fatty liver, about 10 to 35 percent develop alcoholic hepatitis, and 10 to 20 percent develop cirrhosis. (Ref: Grant, B.F.; Dufour, M.C.; & Harford Chris Lindstrom Color Rush Jersey , T.C. Epidemiology of alcoholic liver disease. Seminars in Liver Disease 8(1):12-25, 1988.)

2. Change your diet: Reduce sodium in your diet drastically. Avoid canned and packaged foods. Use salt sparingly while cooking and seasoning. Eat several small meals a day. Take adequate protein. Reduce fat. Blood sugar levels may be too high or too low. Eating carbohydrates in moderation at every meal will help to control blood sugar levels. You must be well nourished as liver damage can cause you to inadequa

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