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3 Myths about pulse oximeter technology Health Articles | March 31 Filip Forsberg Olympics Jersey , 2011
Although pulse oximeter technology is used by millions of people throughout the entire world there does exist several misconceptions that need to be addressed. For those that do no know what this medi...

Although pulse oximeter technology is used by millions of people throughout the entire world there does exist several misconceptions that need to be addressed. For those that do no know what this medical device is it will be briefly discussed here. A pulse oximeter is a health device that is utilized to measure pulse rate as well as oxygen levels. It can be used for everything ranging from asthma, COPD and cardiac conditions to sports and exercise. The most important aspect of it is the fact that it provides complete vital sign monitoring while at the same time being very small and portable. The 3 most common myths about this technology is the following: 1. A pulse oximeter will tell me if my pulse rate and oxygen levels are normal. This is the most common misconception and the reason for that is the fact that the device does in fact give you accurate and continuous readings of your vital signs, however whether those are normal readings varies from individual to individual. Several factors like age Loui Eriksson Olympics Jersey , weight, and health conditions play a big part in determining what is considered a normal heartbeat or oxygen levels for a specific person. As a result, it is a very good idea to get this information ahead of time first from you physician and then use the device to measure up against that benchmark. Should your levels fall below what you physician has recommended then you can contact himher to get professional advice as to what you should do next. 2. The device is waterproof and can be used underwater. Although scuba diving is a sport where it is very critical to monitor the oxygen levels this device does not work under water. 3. The product is indestructible and can be dropped without doing any damage to it. This is actually a very widely misconstrued myth that is very important to point out here. The device although built to be tough and to withstand the daily usage it however can not withstand all forms of daily usage. As with any other computer system it can in fact break and damage can be done to the internal computer should it not be handled properly. Thus Nicklas Backstrom Olympics Jersey , the best practice would be to not drop it and to actually invest in either a lanyard that can be worn around the neck or a heavy duty carrying case that will ensure the product is protected when taken from one location to another.

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