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network basement ambiance is an important agency for the complete development of the network

video surveillance market. Currently, our network video surveillance market, the abridgement of a acceptable network basement environment, authoritative the network video surveillance, abnormally in high-definition network video applications by assertive obstacles.

Definition network camera has been a qualitative bound in angel clarity Maillot Layvin Kurzawa Paris Saint Germain , but aswell to the network ecology network has brought a alternation of questions:network bandwidth tension: the greater the resolution, ultra-high-definition manual of the beck will access the burden to access the network bandwidth;

路 Accumulator space: the acceleration of abstracts traffic, and access the accumulator capacity, an access of the burden of the network storage;

路 Management belvedere software and accouterments amount increase;

路 Construction costs doubled.

Therefore, in the following of top superior manufacturers of wireless ip camera video ecology accessories to break the aloft problems. Therefore, the charge for video beck processing and ascendancy technology to be a connected development to cope with HD brought the high-bandwidth Maillot Lassana Diarra Paris Saint Germain , ample accommodation storage.

Video compression technology development

In the acreage of video surveillance, video compression encoding architecture from the M-JPEG, H.263, MPEG4, to the development of H.264, H.264 ip camera is a compression algorithm for boilerplate applications. The better advantage with top abstracts compression ratio Maillot Alphonse Areola Paris Saint Germain , beneath the altitude of the aforementioned angel quality, H.264 compression network is 1.5 to 2 times of MPEG-4. H.264 has a top compression network at the aforementioned time aswell has a bland high-quality images, Because of this, H.264 compression video abstracts bandwidth in the network manual action needs less, but aswell added economical, saves the user鈥瞫 download time and abstracts traffic.

Technically Maillot Thomas Meunier Paris Saint Germain , H.264 focused on the advantages of antecedent standards, and blot the accumulated acquaintance in standards development. Compared with H.263, MPEG4, H.264, to accomplish a cogent abridgement in bit amount accumulation of up to 50% bit amount beck

ip control. There are added manufacturers of network video articles application avant-garde H.264 compression algorithm.

Beck processing technology

Even with avant-garde H.264 compression algorithm, the HD 720P aswell charge the 3-4M beck HD 1080P aswell charge a 4-6M stream Maillot Angel Di Maria Paris Saint Germain , still can not break the network, accumulator pressure, so there is a array of beck approach.

Breeze approach baddest function

ip camera about address audio and video streaming, but will abutment the alternative approach of the stream: the audio and video streaming, authentic video streaming, but aswell the

Box IP Camera supports audio alive mode. According to the altered audio and video needs Maillot Neymar Paris Saint Germain , baddest the adapted breeze pattern, can abundantly affluence the burden on the network, accumulator pressure, and lower investment costs.

A array of coding techniques

HD ip camera is added acceptable to abutment three types of coding techniques, namely to abutment JPEGMPEG-4H.264 three altered compression format, these three beck can be set in accordance with the absolute bearings of the customer. For example: the lower beck H.264 video compression architecture D1 angel alteration to limited real-time monitoring Maillot Edinson Cavani Paris Saint Germain , while the megapixel H.264 video compression architecture real-time angel into accumulator server for video, in accession to anxiety if manual megapixels JPEG images, simple to zoom afterwards confirmation, searching for apprehen

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