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Download 11-11-11 movie

If you aren鈥檛 an avid reader of the site then you might not know that most of us here are big fans of Bousman鈥檚 (love that last name BTW) last movie Mother鈥檚 Day. Click here to read group review. So when his follow up was announced I was pumped to see it. After the lackluster looking trailer I still had hopes that maybe it could be worth watching. It had to be better than The Asylum鈥檚 version 111111 right? Click here to read that review.

Download 11-11-11 Movie

Joseph Crone is a world renowned author whose wife and son has recently passed away. He鈥檚 having nightmares about the ordeal and he鈥檚 starting the see the number 11:11 everywhere he goes. He gets a call from his wheel chaired bound minister brother that their father, who is also a minister, is dying and only has a few days left to live. He then travels to Barcelona Cheap Jerseys China Free Shipping , Spain to spend his last days with his family. While there, the number and nightmares still plague him and shadowy creatures start to pop up all around him. As the date 11-11-11 draws near and things start to escalate, Joseph starts to realize that he and his brother are a piece of a bigger puzzle that has implications that could affect humanity and religion itself.

Damn that synopsis sounds pretty bad ass. If only the movie were also that good. The movie starts off ultra slow with Joseph dealing with his grief and eventually getting into a car wreck that spares his life. Throughout the movie he randomly does voice-overs about what he鈥檚 writing or what he鈥檚 reading and it comes across as pretty damn cheesy. Speaking of cheesy Cheap Jerseys China Wholesale , there are these hooded monster celestial beings that look like The Emperor, (if Insidious critics can use the Star Wars card (Darth Maul) then I can too) that randomly pop up and then fade into darkness or disappear. With the exception of one scene none of it is even remotely scary or effective.

The acting was really solid and ig fan of Michael Landes who usually does a great job. Also the cinematography was top notch and there are flashes of awesomeness that reminded me of other better religious horror movies such as The Omen. But when all is said and done there is just not enough unique moments or horrific scenes that elevate the movie into something cool or good.
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