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Version: 8.2
Question: 1

Your company requires all its developers to use a well-specified set of exception classes to model several common error conditions Cheap Wholesale NFL Jerseys , many of the which are specific to its business. These exception classes are centrally maintained and come packaged in a library (a JAR file). The application you are developing needs to report a number of error conditions covered by this library to remote clients.
Which paring of component type and remote access technology enables client applications to use the predefined exceptions as part of their natural programming model?

A. Servlet accessed using HTTP
B. Entity bean accessed using web services
C. Stateless session bean accessed using Remote Method Invocation (RMI)
D. Message-driven bean accessed using Java Message Service (JMS) queue

Answer: C

Question: 2

An investment company has purchased a number of small online business referral systems that appeal to various niche demographics. The company wants to bring these networks together in hopes of finding a broad, single theme and brand image for these groups before they can do that Cheap New NFL Jerseys , they need to get the users communicating with outside their current networks.
Which Web Services pattern would you recommend they consider in building a scheme to accommodate this communication?

A. Asynchronous Interactions
B. PAOS Interactions
C. Web Services Broker
D. JMS Bridge

Answer: A

Question: 3

A Hot Potato anti pattern can arise from misuse of which technology combination?

A. Bean Validation with JSF Managed Beans
B. Messaging in the Business Tier
C. JNDI Lookups with Global Java Naming
D. JPA with the Web Tier

Answer: B

Question: 4

You are the architect of an existing project. Making changes to one component frequently requires making changes to many other components.
Which action would reduce future maintenance costs?

A. Redesign the configuration and deployment.
B. Add an abstraction layer between the servlets and the EJB components.
C. Convert all stateful EJB components to stateless EJB components.
D. Expose the existing EJB components as web services.

Answer: B

Question: 5

Your consulting company has been asked to enhance an existing application. The current application is a two-tier system in which all the business logic is located in thick clients. You are considering a solution that would involve moving the business logic into the server's database In the form of stored procedures.
Which statement is an expected outcome of your proposed solution?

A. It will improve the scalability of the system.
B. It will improve the manageability of the system.
C. It will recline the amount of traffic on the network.
D. It will, in effect Cheap NFL Jerseys From China , turn the application into a three-tier system.

Answer: B

Question: 6

A company manufactures widgets for sale to distribution. Distributors call this company when they want to order more widgets. The company wants the distributors to send orders using XML documents over the Internet to reduce the number of data entry personnel needed. It has no control over the distributors technologies. The company does not want the Orders to impact the performance of other users. You have been assigned the task of designing a new API.
Which method do you use?

A. Design the API as a Java Message Service (JMS) queue.
B. Design the API as an Remote Method Invocation (RMI) interface.
C. Design the API as a synchronous web service.
D. Design the API as an asynchronous web service.

Answer: D

Question: 7

You have been recruited by an online retailer of footwear to conduct a review of their online systems. Your primary Finding is that the development team has implemented duplicated complex business logic as Java scripts directly into the JSPs, causing performance Cheap NFL Jerseys China , scalability, and maintainability issues.
Which two design patterns would you select to improve the current code base?

A. View Helper
B. From Controller
C. Composite View
D. Service-to-Worker
E. Business Delegate

Answer: B Cheap NFL Jerseys , D

Question: 8

A successful web application is used by over two hundred thousand users. Due to this substantial load, the database is over bridged and fails frequently. All data Cheap Jerseys China Free Shipping , included critical user records and temporary session data, is stored in the database. Because of resource constraints Cheap Jerseys China Wholesale , a new database system cannot be installed.
Which change will reduce the load on the database?

A. Creating more entity beans to optimize interaction wild the database
B. Refactoring the web application to use DAOs to communicate with the database
C. Refactoring the web application to store temporary session data on the web servers
D. Adding more web servers to the web tier to distribute the load and reduce the number of transactions on the database.

Answer: C

Question: 9

MedLabML is a startup firm that move

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