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LUSAKA, Aug. 14 (Xinhua) -- A 16-member delegation from Germany is expected in Zambia this week on a 13-day tour of the southern African nation to sample its tourism potential, the Zambia embassy in Germany said on Monday.

The delegation, comprising of various professional representatives, is interested in deepening their understanding of Zambia's tourism industry with the view to market it to German tourists.

Kenneth Nyirenda Gareth Bale Soccer Jersey , a Zambian consultant based in Germany and who has organized the tour, said the trip is the first of tourist activities that will be taking place twice every year in order to market Zambia's tourism to European tourists.

He further said some of the members of the delegation represented organizations involved in charity work and will use the visit to identify projects they could support.

The embassy has since called on Zambians in Germany to use their knowledge and expertise to compliment government efforts in improving the flow of German tourists into the country.

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The UN warned on Wednesday that waste from discarded electronics like mobile phones, laptops and refrigerators is piling up worldwide, and it urged far better recycling of the often hazardous rubbish.

A full 44.7 million tons of so-called e-waste was generated around the world in 2016 James Rodriguez Soccer Jersey , up eight percent from two years earlier, according to a report from the UN’s International Telecommunication Union, the UN University (UNU) and the International Solid Waste Association.

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