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PARIS, June 13 (Xinhua) -- A police officer was stabbed to death by a man who claimed allegiance to the Islamic State (IS) group on Monday night in the west Paris suburb of Magnanville, local media reported.

His partner, a local police official, was also killed at their home in the incident. An IS-linked news agency report said that the attack was carried out by an ""Islamic State fighter"".

The police couple's three-year-old son was put under medical attention after surviving the bloodshed unharmed.

The police officer, 42, was assaulted around 20:30 local time (18:30 GMT) outside his home, the Le Figaro reported, adding that he was then in civilian clothes.

The newspaper cited Interior Ministry spokesman Pierre-Henry Brandet as saying that the killer later went inside the police officer's home to hide.

Elite RAID police went to the scene about an hour later. And the attacker, yet to be identified, was killed around midnight by the RAID and the BRI police units who stormed the house after failed negotiations.

French media reports said an anti-terror probe was launched into the incident, which took place after a gunman claiming to act in the name of the IS killed 49 people in a Sunday shooting in the United States. The Paris tragedy also coincided with the French hosting of the Euro 2016 football tournament.

French President Francois Hollande said in a statement that he ""strongly condemned this odious act"", while calling a meeting of top officials on the ""terrible tragedy"" at the presidential palace early Tuesday.


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