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Posted by gracedashen on July 24th adidas stan smith női , 2015

Dear wow fans ,wowtoes offer the safe and fast wow service, you can buy cheapest wow gold at wowtoes.we will provide the latest news for you. you can get futher information in there.Are you preparing for Warcraft of Draenor flying mounts?It seems like it’s taken forever to get some real, concrete news on the World of Warcraft movie, so long in fact adidas superstar supercolor rendelés , that you’d be forgiven for thinking the whole thing was never going to come together, especially after the very public fallout between Blizzard and long-time director, Sam Raimi. In stepped Duncan “son of Bowie” Jones, and we finally have our first real, honest to goodness images from the movie’s production adidas superstar 2 rendelés , released to the public during Blizzcon. Yes, they’re worth their weight in wow gold .

First up is the picture just above, which happens to be exactly what the Orcs look like in the movie. Honestly, when we heard that ILM, not Blur Studios adidas superstar slip on cipő , would be handling the computer generated effects for the film, we were a little skeptic, but this image looks every bit as good as what we’ve seen from Blur’s cinematic for Warlords of Draenor… better even. It’s wow gold well spent by Blizzard.

And then there’s this image of King Llane, it does a good job of not looking like a character from a Lord of the Rings film, which I think is a fear many MMO fans had. It’s refreshing to see the World of Warcraft art style actually carried over into film adidas superstar foundation női , and hopefully bodes well for the rest of the Lore.

In addition to those character posters, there are a bunch of Alliance and Horde specific posters that were released, we’ve picked the two best. But that’s not all, Blizzard also released a smattering of headshots of the different actors playing parts in the movie, including Toby Kebbel (who played the incredible Koba in this year’s Planet of the Apes) as Durotan adidas neo női cipő , Ben Foster (who played Charlie Prince in 3:10 to Yuma), Clancy Brown (Lex Luthor in Superman: The Animated Series) as Blackhand, Travis Fimmel (Ragnar Lothbrok in Vikings) and Paula Patton (who played Jane Carter in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol) as Garona.

Duncan Jones, who’s perhaps most famous for directing the fantastic scifi film, Moon curry 2 cipő , had this to say about the movie “Avatar and Lord of the Rings at the same time” as it relates to special effects. It’s incredibly exciting times, and hopefully means we’ll start seeing a bit more production pics and art sometime soon. The movie’s slated for a March 11th, 2016 debut in theaters. We’ll be there with bells on.

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