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The major theme in this article is that firms should pursue smart Cheap Antwaun Woods Jersey , connected product capabilities and features. The author鈥檚 message is that smart and connected products are reshaping firms. To develop and get products to customers, firms perform a wide range of activities. These activities generally take place in a standard set of functional units including logistics, Information Technology, manufacturing, sales, procurement Cheap Allen Hurns Jersey , and human resources among others. The capability of smart, connected products alters every activity alters all activities in the value chain. The article explores their internal implications of smart, connected products by focusing on how they how they significantly change the work of practically every function within manufacturing organizations (Porter & Heppelmann, 2015).
The core functions of marketing, product development, IT Cheap Brett Maher Jersey , manufacturing, sales, logistics and after-sale service are being redefined, and the level of coordination among these functions is increasing. Additionally, new functions have emerged including those to manage increasing quantities of data now available. These have impacted the standard organizational structure of manufacturers. The change is substantial and in the manufacturing sector. Before this revolution, data was generated fundamentally through transactions across the value chain such as interactions with suppliers Cheap Byron Jones Jersey , order processing, sales interactions, customer service visits as well as internal operations. Organizations supplemented such data with information gathered through research, surveys and other external sources. By integrating the data, firms knew something about demand, customers Cheap Maliek Collins Jersey , demand, and costs. However, the data available gave much less about the functioning of products. The activities involved in defining and analyzing data were decentralized within functions. Data sharing was done on limited episodic basis (Porter & Heppelmann, 2015).
The authors present their argument in a logical and consistent manner. Extensive research has also been conducted to provide reliable data used in the article. The observable limitation is that the article focuses solely on manufacturing firms. The article relates to the ongoing work in the area of international business. Many researchers are undertaking studies on the impacts of information technology on the marketing functions of the business. Evidently, organizations have increasingly adopted the use of data to make critical marketing decisions. Currently, traditional sources of data are being supplement by another data source; the product itself. For the first time Cheap Jaylon Smith Jersey , products can generate real-time readings that are exceptional in their diversity and volume. Data is now as important as people, capital, and technology as a core asset of business organizations. In other organizations, data has become the decisive asset. Product data is valuable, and its value increases exponentially when integrated with other data. One common trend that is being widely adopted by businesses is the use of data analytics. The capacity to unlock the full value of data has become a key source of competitive advantage among businesses in the global market
This article is useful in the area of international marketing and globalization. Marketing managers can employ the valuable ideas to ensure that their firms attain a competitive edge in the competitive market. International businesses are using different technologies in their marketing activities. The ability to gain information on both the customers as well as the competitors in the global markets is one of the most important aspects of the marketing activities. This age of Data-Driven Marketing necessitates abundance of data insights at marketers鈥?fingertips. The capacity to analyze marketing data in different ways can help the international businesses accomplish their marketing goals, from customer preference and product information to pricing and consumer engagement. This article focuses solely on manufacturing firms. The unexplored service sector presents an opportunity for future research.

Porter Cheap Joe Looney Jersey , M. E., & Heppelmann, J. E. (2015).How Smart, Connected Products Are Transforming Companies. Harvard Business Review, 93(10), 96-114.

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