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Destiny in its own hands In fact Miles Sanders Eagles Jersey , I have had many opportunities became a teacher, but again shilly-shally finally let me now as “king of children”.Remember in reading, my grade school is one of two “master”, in many teachers’ and students’ eyes, I really is promising, their ideas are my high position and handsome salary in the future.I had dreamed of one day in the future by learning to change the destiny, into the grand demonstration, which have a life to live an extravagant ver, the eighth County senior high school entrance examination scores but hesitate about what move to make class instead was filled in normal volunteers, although not very satisfactory, but can jump farming door read let me forget the future and will be “teacher” has the indissoluble ld say, in Nike Men Free Shoes reading Andre Dillard Eagles Jersey , I have wanted to be a teacher a vague idea, remember each other students do not understand to ask me, I detailed explanation makes him click into place, such as “teacher” Pride shows between the lines, I often think, if I can be a teacher should have much normal reading, many students feel to be a teacher in the future no future and “Qian Tu”, will have to move up the do not want to be a teacher read, some students will work to learn the law, hope one day when a judge or a lawyer what.I have a few good students invited me to attend law self-study exam, didn’t think I would like the teacher profession, not thought through other channels to change my Josh Sweat Youth Jersey , I went to another city to one of my classmates playing over there, he also studied law, but also for his work and I graduated, due to excellent performance is divided to a condition very good I in the normal self-study law students is because of the law in the diploma was divided into prison as a prison I was a teacher, but he is already the city intermediate people’s Court of first trial court presiding of course on what I can’t be with him together without language.I especially the self-study law students, either as barrister; either to do justice, it is the scenery very much, and INow this society who will envy no money no rights of teachersNow older, want to change occupation has been Sophorae Shannon relationresultThat was a long time ago .Morning ,I carry bag happily go to school in the road ,smelling the air in May flower fragrance, heart auspicious .Yesterday afternoon Avonte Maddox Youth Jersey , teacher Zhang announced this unit test performance ,but I got the first .Of course ,I was not a particularly important position ,so happy ,because Lin Yue did better than .First ,she is second ,although only two ,but after all, is high up .If possible ,she can test the reciprocal first ,let me test second to last as long as I am willing ,better than her .My classmate and months Isaac Seumalo Youth Jersey ,there have been five years, from the first grade to the fifth grade students ,every year ,but every year we will be in the same class .No enemy does not gather ,I think .For Lin Yue, but also say don ,just don .Originally, the respective study hard ,irrelevant .But ,one day ,I found her in the dark and I rivalry ,although the surface is still smiling Mack Hollins Youth Jersey ,but deliberately targeted, I can see that .The rivalry is it ,fight to the end !I vowed to himself ,must not be lost on her

. Good morning ,Fe

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