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It is possible to cover virtually every standard thing for any survival situation Bayern München James Rodriguez Trikot , for those who act just a little wisely and gather principle types of gear for your Bug out Bag:


Water is easily the most critical for survival. One individual requires one liter on a daily basis. Pack 3 liters. Include iodine tabs or an aqua filter, collapsible water bottles and back packing bucket.


A modest pot or even a large cup is definitely the bare minimum for either drinking and also preparing freeze-dried meals. Take a tiny hiking stove plus some fuel. Add an insulated mug, a blade, fork and spoon set, steak knife, manual can opener, basic spices Bayern München Arjen Robben Trikot , dish scrub and dish soap.


You’ll need clothing much like a simple weekend treking excursion. Keep a few each of underwear, pairs of socks. Pack T-shirts (one each woolen, cotton and synthetic), a long sleeve shirt, a sweater, a wind and water-resistant jacket with hood. Additionally, take a pair of sweat pants Bayern München Robert Lewandowski Trikot , jeans, shorts a thermal wear, a cap or hat, a pair of robust hiking boots, sneakers, rain gear, water shoes and army poncho. Some seasonal clothing needs to be also put in the bag. In addition Bayern München Javi Martinez Trikot , a retractable clothes line, a Woolite including a dozen of clothes pins will probably be useful.

Shelter & Tools:

You will need a refuge for protection plus a dry and warm place to rest. To do this, you will need a tent, some extra pegs, a pair of tarp, a sleeping pad and good sleeping bag. Keep sixty feet rope, twelve nails Bayern München Franck Ribery Trikot , bandannas, a foldable shovel, an axe and sewing kit also with you.

First Aid Kit:

The First Aid Kit is yet another most important item of the bug out bag contents. You may make your own kit to get through any emergency. By constructing your individual kit, you will know about the contents and their use.
This ought to have a extractor for toxic snake bites, standard first aid items kit, blister cream and moleskin, ace bandages Bayern München Thiago Alcantara Trikot , disposable masks, medicated foot powder, latex gloves, extra glasses, week鈥檚 availabilit of any prescription drugs, lip balm, Vaseline and Sunscreen.

Include merely necessary items. These are usually a hair brush Bayern München Mats Hummels Trikot , tooth-brush, floss, tooth paste, scentless, soap, soap dish, hand towel Bayern München Niklas Sule Trikot , towel, talcum powder,shampoo,toilet paper, tissues, a small mirror, disposable razor Bayern München Sandro Wagner Trikot , shaving cream, antibacterial wash, baby kit and diapers, ladies items and garbage bags.


You need to equip minimum three various ways to make fire and have a good survival saw including a waterproof matchbox.


Carry a minimum of 2 good flashlights and backup batteries. Include a few candles, a lantern with fuel and road flares.


You could end up in a without Rule of Law scenario or come across some wildlife and must be ready to defend yourself. A gun is the best for this. Besides, a survival knife or a stick may work in some situations.

Money and Essential Papers:

Maintain minimum $200 in several denominations, your ID and copies of important papers.


It is ideal to possess a long-distance travel phone card Bayern München Manuel Neuer Trikot , AMFM Radio set with batteries, a whistle and a mobile phone

Stress Relievers:

Pack several games, deck of cards, little toys, books, paper and pens.

Bug out Bag:

My goal here at Best Bug Out Bag Content is to make all the emergency and long term survival information and resources available for you to be totally prepared for any emergency survival situation. You can read free articles and watch video along with places to buy whatever you will need. There is a lot to a Bug Out Bag and you need to get the content right.

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ROME, Feb. 15 (Xinhua) -- Italy's Economy Minister Pier Carlo Padoan on Wednesday said the government would push forward with its privatization plan this year.

Meanwhile, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) said Wednesday in a survey that Italy's gross domestic product (GDP) will grow by one percent in 2017, slightly up from a previous forecast of 0.9 percent.

The report was launched by OECD's Secretary-General Angel Gurria in a press conference alongside the Italian economy and finance minister here. "Italy's economy is recovering from a long and deep recession," the OECD stated, adding, "Structural reforms, accommodative monetary and fiscal conditions, and low commodity prices have helped the economy to turn the corner."

The Paris-based organization also forecast a one-percent growth for Italy in 2018. Yet, it pointed out recovery remains weak, and crisis-related issues such as a wider social inequality and increased poverty had to be tackled urgently.

It also called on Italy to insist on structural reforms to fully heal from the long recession, not least addressing its huge public debt, and the bad loans burdening the banking system.

The OECD report was "rightly critical where it was needed, and yet encouraging where it had to be," according to Padoan.

"The Italian government's tools to reduce the public debt -- including the privatization plan -- are relevant and will continue to be used," the minister told the press conference.

"Our idea of privatization has not changed: our goal is not only to raise money, but also to increase the management efficiency in companies facing

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