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"When Americans trade in medicines illegitimately or buy them online from unreliable sources Black Dont'a Hightower Jersey , they are faced with a dangerous buyer-beware situation," as stated by the FDA officials in an analysis conducted for public health and information. The agency, however, does recognize that the inability to access needed medication because of hefty prices is a serious public health concern. For this reason Black James White Jersey , the FDA has enhanced the process for the review and approval of generic drugs as well as safe online pharmacy, taking steps to eliminate the safety concerns and limited accessibility in the market.

What is the Reason behind the Hiked Medicine Prices in the U.S?
There are two major problem area(s) that has to be catered;

A limited source of supply or distribution of medicines which might be due to the absence of competition in the pharmaceutical market; and
Identification and implementation of feasible policies and strategies for promoting access to medicines, ensuring timely innovation and product upgrade.
As reported by Reuters, United States health spends were projected to rise 5.3 percent in 2018 Black Tom Brady Jersey , replicating the increasing prices of medical goods and services as well as the higher Medicaid costs; it makes us question as in how far are we from the reality? The increase signifies a clear step-up from 2017 spends; as per the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), the estimated growth was nearly $3.5 trillion.

What the Authorities have to Say? Facts and Figures
Advancing health through innovation and necessary actions, 2017 new drug therapy approvals have seemed to be much of a relief to the Americans lately. Over the years, the agency has seemed to improve the medicine quality making it meet the FDA's standard. In 1999 Black Rob Gronkowski Jersey , the agency permitted 266 generic drugs and in 2004, 413 generic drugs including 320 full approvals and 93 tentative ones. Though they are not the policy makers, the existing patents or temporary government restrictions against competing products seem to be an issue.

PAN American Health Organization (a regional venture of WHO), on the other hand Black Jake Bailey Jersey , has confirmed that measuring the impact of IP rights on access to medicines is very much possible, and eventually several methodologies have been developed, including the IPRIA and IPRIM models to ensure the accessibility of essential medicines and affordable drugstores open to public.

There is no doubt about the fact that like everyone else Americans do have the right to use safe and affordable medication thus, these models are complementary putting an end to any exaggerated rates. While the former measures the impact on an aggregated market; the latter is applied to disaggregated markets related to specific therapeutic groups.

Key Recommendations to Improve the Access of Prescription Drugs;

Require P&T committees to meet minimum standards for membership Black Jarrett Stidham Jersey , conflicts of interest, and coverage decisions
Adopt transparent, easy-to-understand exception processes that allow Enrollees to request for prescribed drugs from an affordable drugstore, cutting the cost further
Adopt minimum quantitative and qualitative standards for offline or online pharmacies to ensure the safe consumption of the product
Address health disparities by endorsing equal access to prescription drugs for all
Ensure that all drug-related information is accessible to individuals with special needs (specially-abled people- mentally or physically) and individuals with any language barrier
How to Fix the Pricing?

The Medicare Modernization Act which was passed in 2003 giving FDA the right to welcome drug imports if they are safe and affordable compared to the market price. This way not only the consumers would be able to save on the medication Black Hjalte Froholdt Jersey , but even the hospitals and health care centers would also have a higher access to affordable drugs.

At the beginning of 2006, a prescription drug benefit called the Medicare Part D was made available. The coverage is though available only through insurance companies or HMOs and is voluntary.

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