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If you are walking on the streets Trevor Story Rockies Jersey , you will see more and more people, and not only teenagers and youngsters listening to the music on their headphones. Yes, it can certainly be enjoyable aside from looking hip however did you that headphone produce 100 decibels harmful sounds to our ears? Therefore we came up with this article to answer the alarming question going on around today: Will headphones hurt my hearing ability?

Undoubtedly DJ LeMahieu Rockies Jersey , when you are exposed to too much noise almost every day then most likely you will lose your hearing. According to a scientific research that aims to answer the question ‘Will headphones hurt my hearing’ using headphones in listening music for more than 1 hour daily could result to permanent hearing impairments. This time frame is shorter if you are listening the music for several hours a day. If the volume us high, all kinds of headphones are harmful. Nonetheless you can have bigger chances of hearing impairments when you are using headphones very close to your ears compare to listening to stereos and karaoke.

Your work place also contribute to hearing problems particularly when you are working in a very noisy environment where there’s a lot of machines going and people shouting from different directions. Unfortunately, most people are not even aware of it Greg Holland Rockies Jersey , like those in IT industry where they use computer and headphones daily but don’t bother will headphones hurt my hearing. In fact, they listen to sound, music and voices all day and all night long and doesn’t have break to this. Still MP3 players generates 100 DB volumes while it has 85 DB intensity which is quite risky to our ears. Furthermore the headphones being sold today can generate bold sounds double the level and decibels of the old headphones. Therefore Jake McGee Rockies Jersey , the answer to the question is not the power of our player; it is the capacity of the headphones.

It is commonly known that the majority of people using players listen to the music with volumes higher than 85 dB. Hence the real deal will headphones hurt my hearing is 100% yes. The persons that listen to music loud are predisposed of losing the hearing capacities in a shorter period. The harmful effects are observed late by the affected people. However, if you limit the volume to 50 dB, you will remain healthy and your hearing will not be affected.

Hearing impairments and hearing loss are not just seen in kids Todd Helton Rockies Jersey , teens and young adults but also at adults. Surely, people that cannot control their self from using headphones for a longer period of time are at risk to hearing loss. Nonetheless scientific research informs that teens suffering from hearing impairments earlier can still fix their disability by medications and there’s 70% chances that they can recover as early as 20 years of age. Therefore, prevention is better than cure hence you must know how to take care of your ears and check it more often with the doctor to avoid hearing problems.

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MADRID, July 12 (Xinhua) --Spanish cyclist, Alberto Contador confirmed on Tuesday that he will have to miss the Rio Olympic Games due to injury.

The 33-year-old climbed off his bike during stage eight of this year' s Tour de France on Sunday after suffering two falls and tests in Madrid confirmed that he will not recover in time for Rio.

The tests showed Contador suffered "multiple bruises, a torn fiber on the inside of his left thigh, a torn left calf muscle, cuts and bruises on his left shoulder and on the deltoids of his right thigh."

The results concludes that the injuries to his left leg "affect his pedaling and cause him a strain his quadriceps," and Contador, who has won two Tours de France, two Giro' s de Italia and three Vueltas of Spain, was quick to rule out competing at the Olympics.

"The Games are just about ruled out and it is a shame, because I think I could have done well on the course and it was my second big objective of the season," he said, before saying he would now focus his attention on trying to win a fourth Vuelta at the end of the summer. Enditem

Adventure cycling is the act of bicycling over normally treacherous terrain in seeks of thrills Charlie Blackmon Rockies Jersey , or taking long distance cycle tours. Adventure cycling is becoming more and more popular as a form of travel as more intrepid adventurers look for wa

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