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Evaluators as Tools & Weapons Business Articles | August 2 Ivan Perisic Jersey , 2017

When you need an enforcer, an advocate or a secret weapon an Evaluator might be your best bet.? This article gives you some tested ideas for using Evaluators as tools.

Evaluators are not usually the favorite person of the staffs of organizations – non-profits, government agencies and grant recipients.? They usually have some automatic negatives:? they are often required by funders, they are judgmental by job description Geoffrey Kondogbia Jersey , they are nosey and intrusive, and, worst of all, they give you a grade.


But Evaluators are not all bad.? They can actually be very helpful tools and weapons.? Their efforts and reports can be used to your advantage.? Here are a few possibilities:

Severance -? If there is a partnership that is not working Gary Medel Jersey , but dissolving it would be a public relations fiasco, an Evaluator can help you.? They can: Assess the problems Determine if the relationship is salvageable, if so suggest modifications to improve it Justify dissolving the partnership if that is the best path (be the bad guy) Validate enforcement of the agreement and responsibilities Avoidance of mistakes -? By assessing potential partners and their programs an Evaluator can help you choose the right partners.? An Evaluator can ask the nosey, intrusive questions because that’s what they do.? Understanding the potential and challenges of a partnership is critical to the success of a “marriage”. Be your champion -? When you need to convince a person or group (board Gabriel Jersey , funder, etc.) to allow you to do something (add or alter a program, change a policy or procedure, or adopt a new strategy) an Evaluator can gather the data and input.? They can help you build the case. Find the good? -? One of the best but most unused things an Evaluator can do is help you identify assets and clarify messages.? This help can provide just the information you need to increase the effectiveness of you publicity.? An Evaluator provides an outside view.? They also specialize in collecting and analyzing information.? Combined these two things can take your publicity and branding to a whole new level.? Talk about reputation enhancement! Keep your funding -? Often funders Eder Jersey , especially the federal government, require that any program or organization they fund must have an outside evaluation.? So, in that case an Evaluator is necessary to get and keep your funding.? But even if an evaluation is not required, it can still help you keep your funding.? An Evaluator can do the research and analysis that you and your staff may not have the time or expertise to do.? That research and analysis will provide much of the data you need to do the required reporting to funders Davide Santon Jersey , boards and donors.? The Evaluator can even do the report for you.? Because you have and Evaluator involved the report has an extra stamp of credibility, which never hurts when it comes to funding. Save you money -? Yes hiring an Evaluator costs money, but they can also save you money by: Getting or retaining funding Giving you back the time you would spend to do research, analysis and report preparation Helping you avoid the cost and wasted time of bad partnerships Showing you where changes in policy or procedure could reduce costs


So Danilo D'Ambrosio Jersey , the next time you don’t think you want or need an Evaluator, think again.? They might just be one of your best investments.

It was only yesterday that your company had four job openings. The HR staff was able to fill these positions with ease. In fact, some days you wondered if you had one too many recruiters on board.

Over the past six months, business has been great. You can't keep up with the demand. You've approved 10 new requisitions for staff while your internal HR team works on replacing five key employees that left for the competition.

The job openings are listed with a number of contingency recruitment firms Daniele Padelli Jersey , who only get paid if they make successful placements. It's been weeks and you have yet to see results.

If this sounds familiar then it's time to analyze your relationship with your recruitment vendors.

Relationships matter-Think about it. How hard would you work on a RFP if you knew the potential client sent the specs out to 20 other companies? The same goes for contingency recruiting. If you've placed your job openings with a number of firms you are only hurting yourself. Instead, find several agencies that share a similar business philosophy to yours. You'll soon see dramatic results. In this business, it's all about the relationship.

Pay full freight-Congratulations. You've whittled the fee down from 30% to 20%. Yet you seem to be interviewing only ?B? candidates. In life you get what you pay for and this is particularly true when working with recruitment agencies. Remember those ?A? candidates you were hoping to attract? Well they are going over to those ?A? clients who are paying the full fee. Are you still feeling proud? Put your pride aside and offer your contingency firm a bonus for filling your positions with top quality candidates. You'll more than make it up on the back end.

Partner with your recruiters-Hiring managers often believe that it's the recruiters job to land the talent. This couldn't be further than the truth. Seasoned managers know that it's a partnership. Recruiters and hiring managers must work side-by-side. When a qualified candidate is presented, clear your calendar and meet with that person. If you don't Dalbert Henrique Jersey , they may wind up meeting with your competitor.

Direct communication-It takes a while for recruiters to find the sweet spot. Direct feedback can minimize the ramp up time. Share as much information as possible. For example, if one of your competitors is going through a merger or you have heard that employees are d. [url=http://w

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