#1 IZSRlOxtSmcRaUVlQA von Roberta 05.11.2013 20:30

This is all fine and good, but Gmail will not truly be secure until it bgiens offering email encryption as part of it's service. It's not just "hackers" that people have to worry about anymore. With warrantless wiretapping and Corporate ISP's sniffing out everything passing through their networks, now more than ever we need a safe and secure way to encrypt things like Email. It's not even a question of whether we're doing something wrong or not. It's a question of maintaining our RIGHT TO PRIVACY, and standing up to our out-of-control government using 9/11 to snoop and spy on Americans. Everyone from ISPS to wireless carriers, the MPAA and RIAA, to our own Government is using this as an excuse to snoop into our private lives.We have to take a stand somewhere.

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